Elective: What Would Your Mama Say – Jun 6


1:00pm-5:00pm EST

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Get ready to dive deep into the REALTOR Code of Ethics and become a better-prepared Broker via this popular Elective course! With a focus on the 88 Standards of Practice found in the 17 Articles, this course will use real-world case studies to illustrate how the Code applies to everyday situations. You’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the Code and its 88 SOPs, giving you the tools you need to navigate any situation that comes your way. With plenty of time dedicated to thought-provoking discussions and even some friendly debates, you’ll have the opportunity to share your experiences and learn from your peers. Successful completion of the course will result in the Realtor receiving credit for the 3 years cycle Code of Ethics required training.

Topics include:
Honesty Test
General News Articles regarding Ethics and Ethical Behavior
History and Origins of the Code of Ethics
Pathways to Professionalism
Summation of each Article
Disciplinary Measures for Violations & Alternative Dispute Resolutions
REALTOR Code of Ethics
– Assurance of Public Service and year of amendments
– Composition of the Code
– Preamble
– Duties to Clients and Customers: Articles 1 to 9
– Duties to the Public: Articles 10 to 14
– Duties to REALTORS┬«: Articles 15 to 17
Group Exercise: SOP Test
Multiple Offer Q&A and Case Studies
General Case Studies

Join us for this fun and engaging 4-hour course!