BicUp – 05/28/2024


Online BicUp Course

8:30am-12:30pm EST



Brokers-in-charge and brokers with BIC-Eligible status must take the BICUP course each year to maintain BIC-Eligible status, as prescribed by Commission Rules 58A.1702 and 58A.0110.

Why take the course through TREA? Despite the fact that ours is one of the lowest-cost courses around, you’ll join a small group of other real estate professionals in a live Zoom class, with a FUN and ENGAGING instructor! You’ll have the chance to share your professional experiences as they relate to the topics covered:

Section 1: NCREC Top Complaints
Section 2:
NCREC On Your Side FAQs
Section 3:
Challenges of a Changing Market
Section 4:
Legislative Desk: Law and Rules Updates 
Section 5:
Lifestyles Desk: Licensing & Education
Section 6:
Business News: BIC Policies

The criteria for attendance are simply that you check in at the beginning of class and after the break, keep your camera on at all times, and participate in the periodic polls and quizzes.

Once you’ve completed the class, you’ll get a certificate of completion, and your satisfaction of course requirements will be reported to the NCREC that same day.

Join us for a “step above” the usual Continuing Ed experience!